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Healing Activities for Couples

1. Create together; cook a meal or new dish, re-arrange your furniture -- let the well-spouse relocate the heavier stuff =), paint a giant poster board any way you're inspired, grow a plant or a small herb garden, make up a secret and "kinda krazee" handshake, complete a cross word puzzle or a picture puzzle, co-write a "where we are now" letter to send to extended family and friends. Use your imaginations together.

2. Practice deep breathing together for stress relief (and/or meditate together)

3. Don’t let your bedroom become a “sick room.” When you wake up, get up and go to another room in your house where you can rest and recoup. Change into fresh (comfortable) clothes even if it's a new pair of pajamas or warm-ups.

4. Keep bedroom healthy with positive messages, happy photos, plants, let sunshine & fresh air in, play uplifting music for awake time and calming sounds for sleep time.

5. Play! Try simple board games or cards indoors, draw or paint, make a collage of photos & images that inspire you to feel happy & heal. Put up a soft, indoor mini basketball hoop & practice tossing ball from various positions, use your imagination. Share a computer game that you both like. Visit your local park on mild weather days for a light picnic or fly a kite!

6. Laugh together; watch funny shows/movies. Tell jokes. Do silly little dances, whistle, sing fun songs, recall experiences that make you laugh.

7. Go for walks together (just get outside). Walk around your house or yard. Sit and watch the sunset or go out in early night and look at stars.

8. Recycle or give away something you no longer use. Replace something old or in disrepair with something new (old shoes, lamp shade, small appliance, books or magazines you no longer need, etc.,).

9. Exercise together and encourage one another to eat healthy and be active.

10. Break your routine occasionally; go for a drive on a scenic road, visit a new exhibit at a museum during off hours, try a new recipe or restaurant (order "to go" if you don't feel like eating out. Listen to a new kind of music. Learn some words & a few phrases in another language and practice saying these to each other.

11. Do something kind and show appreciation for one another each day. Buy or make a small gift (poem, card or note of thanks, small non-toxic scented candle or soap), do a small chore or errand that your mate normally does, leave a loving message on your mate's cell phone, etc.

12. Practice loving touches every day such as; hugs, kisses, gentle pats, light massages, holding hands, etc.,

"Cry Some. Laugh More. Pray (& visualize and meditate) Often"